We Offer High-Quality Clinical Judgment Exams for Your Program

Clinical Judgment Exams provide pre-developed, high-quality assessments with a Clinical Judgment focus for practical/vocational nursing (PN/VN) programs nationwide. Created by our NurseThink® team of testing experts, Clinical Judgment Exams provide pre-developed, high-quality assessments with a Clinical Judgment focus for PN nursing programs nationwide.

Integrated across the curriculum, faculty and students use the Strengths and Opportunities reports to make focused, just-in-time decisions for remediation, learning, and readiness for practice. As a result, your nursing program can have the support to teach students the necessary learning outcomes to become safe and effective nurses, with timely performance feedback that allows them to reach graduation, pass NCLEX-PN®, and launch successful careers.

  • Clinical Judgment Testing, Assessment, & Feedback
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  • Includes National Benchmarks and Build-Your-Own
  • Individual Student Practice Exams available





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Our Clinical Judgment Exams are developed by teams of experts in nursing and education. These experts in assessment work with professional nurses and nursing faculty to ensure each question has a solid Clinical Judgment focus. Item types include multiple choice, extended multiple response, graphic, hot spot, cloze, rank order, drag and drop, matrix, and calculation. Unique Electronic Health Record scenarios, to include trending questions, are included throughout to increase realism and the Clinical Judgment focus.

Clinical Judgment Exams offer multiple assessments for each specialty and subject. Each assessment includes results in cohort- and student-level reports to assess Clinical Judgment at all levels. The Strengths and Opportunities Report provides detailed information on each individual student and a Summary Report is provided for aggregated cohort performance. Performance data also demonstrates learners’ percentile rank compared to a national sample of students taking the same exam.

Two Alternatives to Begin Using Clinical Judgment Exams

Benchmarked Assessment

Take advantage of pre-written assessments that accurately gauge student learning and competency. Category-based reporting at the program and student level measures students’ true mastery of concepts against a national cohort of nursing students. To help ensure nursing students are on track for practice readiness and NCLEX-PN® success, each content area includes three distinct assessment types: Benchmark I, Benchmark II, and Open Check.

Build-Your-Own Question Bank

Every instructor knows writing professional-level nursing exam questions is difficult and time-consuming. That’s why each Clinical Judgment Exam content area includes content that instructors may use to supplement their own exam questions to help improve assessment and instruction. These questions are securely uploaded and saved in the client’s ExamSoft database for use at the instructor’s discretion.

Focus Areas



Recognizing cues and taking appropriate action.



Preparing for all aspects of adult health.



Assessing clinical judgment concerning pharmacotherapeutics.


Mental Health

Emphasizing mental health care in all settings.


Maternal Child

Focusing on the needs of mothers, the fetus, and children.


Leadership/Health Promotion

Assessing leadership and care coordination abilities.


Readiness Exam

Predicting readiness for the NCLEX-PN® and professional practice.

Exam Descriptions

With Clinical Judgment Exams, students have access to students have access to reporting that breaks down their performance by NCLEX Client needs, CJMM, and other key standards. Each student and cohort report is mapped to key professional areas, so remediation is meaningful, efficient, and effective. Every exam item is developed using the Clinical Judgment Measurement Model proposed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) at the application and analysis level.

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