A Curricular Approach to Next Gen Learning

As you aim to infuse Clinical Judgment into everything you do to prepare your students for Next Gen NCLEX®, consider NurseThink® COMPLETE PN/VN, a curricular approach to Next Gen Learning. NurseThink® COMPLETE PN/VN is a comprehensive package that incorporates Clinical Judgment across the curriculum. From Virtual Patients to NCLEX® PreView & ReView to NurseThink® for faculty, Next Gen Learning is here with NurseThink® COMPLETE PN/VN.

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NurseThink® CJSim

NurseThink® CJSim is an active learning and Next Gen platform that engages students with realistic client cases that enhance prioritization, delegation, and clinical judgment within the framework of Next Gen NCLEX®. Click on the button below to get instructions on how to access your CJSim Free Trial today!

  • Media, including images, audio, and video, provides fidelity throughout the cases creating realism for students.
  • Interactive EHR pages that aligns with the evidence-based strategies used by NCSBN.
  • Hundreds of cases and thousands of Next Gen questions.
  • Gradebook entries in NurseThink® Portal for tracking student outcomes.

This program includes…

NCLEX® PreView & ReView

The NurseThink® NCLEX® PreView helps students in the first half of the program develop habits of studying that promotes Clinical Judgment. The NCLEX® ReView is an NCLEX®- based clinical experience whereby students learn how to synthesize key concepts to provide patient care. With each PreView and ReView, students get access to 10 weeks of Live Video Mentoring.

  • Clinical Judgment Primer for Every Student, Every Semester
  • Clinical-Based NCLEX® ReView

NurseThink® for Faculty

Collaborate with the NurseTim® Consultation and Workshops Team to customize a faculty development program for your school or region. Facilitating the development of Clinical Judgment skills in the student requires Next Gen Learning, teaching, and assessment strategies. We are here to help your team meet the Next Gen challenge.

  • Expert consultants with vast experience
  • Customized to meet your needs
  • Multiple packages for a variety of budgets

Student Success Book Bundle

The Student Success Bundle is a combination of our best-selling NurseThink® for Students tools.

  • The NoteBook, 3rd Edition
  • Conceptual Clinical Cases
  • NCLEX-PN® Conceptual Review Guide

These books work in unison to provide students with tools to use in the classroom, lab/sim, during studying, and in preparation for the NCLEX® exam. Developed from a conceptual-based approach to learning, this bundle is key to learning clinical judgment and prioritization skills, as well as Next Gen Learning techniques, which will prepare students for success!

  • The NurseThink® NoteBook Forms Clinical Judgment Habits
  • Conceptual Clinical Cases = Next Gen Patient Assignments

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