NurseThink® Clinical Judgment Exam Validity Statement

The NurseThink® Clinical Judgment Exams (CJEs) are high-quality, evidence-based nursing assessments grounded in clinical judgment and predictive of NCLEX® success and practice readiness. To this end, the NurseThink® team has built a focused process of analyzing the most recent nursing research, fully integrating current nursing and health care standards, and carefully collaborating with professionals in practice to ensure contextual realism and clinical authenticity. All development team members receive extensive and ongoing training to ensure that clinical judgment and evidence-based practice are the primary focus of the NurseThink® CJEs. The development managers and team members work hand in hand with nursing faculty nationwide to ensure blueprints are consistent with current practice and educational standards. They methodically review professional standards of practice to include NCLEX® Client Needs, QSEN Competencies, National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) Clinical Judgment Measurement Model (CJMM), the nursing process, and more. Professional nurses in practice review all questions and exams for context and realism and ensure clinical judgment is central to each NurseThink® CJE.

Our CJEs have continued to adapt and change with the current NCSBN Clinical Judgment Measurement Model to prepare nursing students for the Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN). Our blueprints remain aligned with NGN expectations and stay abreast of new item types. In addition, CJE item analysis and assessment statistics are computed and interpreted by a known and respected psychometric expert to strengthen ongoing development and improvement by the NurseThink® team.

Predictive validity was established after analyzing data from the students who took our Readiness Exams in 2022 and went on to take the NCLEX-RN®. Based on this data, students should attain a score of 85% or greater on the Readiness Exam in the six months before taking NCLEX-RN® to have a 95% chance of passing on the first attempt. Students should attain a score of 75% or greater on the Readiness Exam in the six months before taking NCLEX-RN® to have an 85% chance of passing on the first attempt.

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