Skyscape Add-Ons

Skyscape® is a leading provider of mobile platforms for medical professionals, trusted by more than one million healthcare professionals worldwide.

  1. Skyscape’s Medical Knowledge Platform is a mobile & cloud-based clinical decision support technology that aggregates gold-standard trusted medical and nursing content licensed from the world's leading publishers and content providers.
  2. Skills Hub platform includes a FREE app and a web tool for tracking students progress. The web tool allows skills to be grouped into modules and distributed to cohort of students. Each skill in the database includes step-by-step instructions; instructional videos; links to evidence based research and five NCLEX style questions.
    Students use the App to:
    • Mark learned or mastered skills
    • Track skills practiced in lab and/or Clinic
    • Upload videos
    • Get peer feedback/Debriefing to encourage reflection and enhance learning
    • Seek on the spot feedback Faculty/Preceptor
    • Attempt NCLEX style questions
    • Build portfolio
  3. Clinical faculty can track student’s progress using the web interface and generate reports for accreditation.
  4. Davis Drug Guide for Nurses: Based on 17th print ed. - 1,400+ monographs covering 5,000 trade name & generic drugs. 150 drug classifications. 700+ built-in dosage calculators. 1200+ Audio pronunciations. Includes 1-year online access with WebView.

Skyscape Add-On Videos

Skyscape Skills Hub Video

What Skyscape and Skills Hub?

Student Skills Hub Video

How do students use Skills Hub?

Faculty Skills Hub Video

How do faculty use Skills Hub?